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When I escape from my computer you might find me in NYC at a meetup or hunting down some great food. Like to talk startups in the city? Let's grab food or drinks sometime.

Chris Warren SEO Consultant

Successful online marketing projects creating an active and engaged user bases. I built the @WIKISPEED Twitter account from 150 followers to almost 10,000 since August 2011. More importantly it has helped further the business goals by finding volunteers, getting donations and sales leads.

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Look at THIS website. Let's be honest it's beautiful. Oh yea and it loads in less than 2.5 seconds (YMMV).

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Blogging skills, check out my SEO articles that have been published on blogs. This article I wrote got shared 132 times with 38 comments. Here is a taste:

Why is SEO innovation crucial? Finding strategies and techniques that are not standardized pieces of SEO knowledge gives you a major tactical advantage. These are the kind of advantages you can build a business on because it creates a barrier to entry between you and your competitors...

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